Weapon clatter upon workbench, startling the god from his work. Ordinarily, such act would cause apology to fall from crimson lips, but today Bloodshed can do little more than stand steady before him, eyes tired and strain written in every line of her body. Perhaps she leans too heavily upon surface to keep upright to be healthy, and skin appears ashen, sweat beading upon brow.


       ❛   hephaestus, I require repairs immediately   

                               she tells him, and there may be a distant undertone of pain in her voice, even as she tries to hid it from him. Teeth grind together, and it looks as though she will be sick all over his floor, but she pushes down taste of bile, the din of battle echoing in her ears, though she is far from the field.

       ❛   you must hurry. Ares requires my presence.   

       Heat swelled within the belly of the mountain, much like the roar of an unwordly beast in a tightening cage. Fire spitting from the working forges surrounding as fellow cyclopes wrought through the assembly lines of processing the works of war, before a familiar shadow turned head towards the announcement of himself — sweat having almost seemed to become him as the layer coated every increment it could reach and the golden pulse of veins revealed themselves along the enhanced muscles of the blacksmith.


                               he was quick to approach, figure beckoning highlighted within the illumination of the awakened shop and green eyes flicking between the cluttered mess of ruined weapons and the stance at which she had chosen in his presence before he finally took the broken remnants into his hands to look them over for a brief evaluation.

                                                              and then, he shook his head.

       ❛    too broken for repairs, sister. I suggest a change in armaments —
                               even though I am aware that that is not your casual style.

                               a trademark smirk would shortly allow itself from it’s hiding place, even though the situation would never appropriate it.

        rest a moment. I actually have something I’ve been meaning
                               for you to use. 

ↂ I’ve Got a Feeling 


He was caught, obviously, unable to escape her. The way that her body moved, the way that her touches, her eyes, everything flicked around him. He was unable to resist, and a thrill ran through her - was it because he was ignored by the Gods, and a bit of a loner, or was she truly able to enchant one who had immortality? In truth, she didn’t even know if she could stand being around another immortal if this man, this god, was considered to be unattractive. 

And here he was, fully ensnared in her seduction. She smiled a little at the thought, eyes dark as she studied him.

She felt his hands moving, lifting her, pulling her close, and she smiled a little, eyes flicking from his own to his lips. Or perhaps they could just forget the middle… because she really and truly wanted to see what he could do with his hands, his mouth, his body… he worked as a blacksmith… what kind of body was underneath this clothing? There was only one way to find out, and curiosity was eating at her now.

"Careful, Hephaestus," she teased, smiling as her lips drew closer to his. Her hands moved from his chest up to rest on his shoulders, fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt. "I almost think you’re unable to resist me even now…"

Painted nails tickled through the cotton shirt as petite hands drew up and along and soon twined, while the true fire within him began to burn and scorch, much like the chimney flame that so delighted to lick at the brawn fingertips. And now those very same ones dared to caress, intricate themselves into all curves, all corners he could map out in detail, memorizing, studying, upon this young woman. Legs strode forward, with no particular destination in mind, holding this girl along the perch of his forearm while the other began to trickle into the crevices of her back.

Her tantalize of comments did not stop him, nor was did it go to waste as a smile showed itself forth again once more in the moment. “As it seems, indeed…” He would agree, light amusement dualy noted in his tone, “But only at the call of my beautiful guest, shall I stop upon your request…” The edges of his teeth barely had time to graze briefly along the plane of her bottom lip, no sooner did his feet knock against a plot point of a promising surface, allowing Lydia to later settle off onto.

"Tell me what you want…" He’d whisper, head cocking a single degree left as he towered, mouth tempted to simply silence them both at that and press into the confines of those prominent cushions of Aphrodite’s own self creation, gripping the material beneath her instead for resistance, allowing it to moan as a substitute while shoulders both rose and descended in the allowed patience he could only off her.

ofthefoam whispered:



natumfluctus whispered:

""No. You get back here right now!""




"I’ll come back once you promise not to bite my head off, love~!"

She curled up against his large frame, a yawn escaping her pink lips. It was nice to have him back once more. Plus, she wouldn’t have to take care of their child alone. And the little touches were more than a good enough no is for her. Alyx shrugged and glanced up at him, meeting his green eyes. “People make mistakes. And, I consider you Gods to be people, as well. If I can’t forgive you then how can I expect the same treatment when I make mistakes?” She smiled before pursing her lips. “Though I will be expecting a certain question to…pop up quite soon.”

A single large hand followed the lines of her aqua-azure hair that laced easily between his fingers as Hephaestus felt the small warm body press further into his burly frame. Though on the bring up of the particular ‘question’, his expression soon appeared in a state of slight confusion.


natumfluctus whispered:



"Mm? Mm, what—I’m up…I’m up, I’m awake…What is it…?"


Anonymous whispered:

"Hello! Sorry to bother you, since you seem to be taking a break from this account for a while, but I was wondering where you exactly got all your 100x100 icons besides Tumblr? I often feel bad in taking other people's work so I was hoping with somebody who has a bit of experience on here, you'd be able to help a new RP'er..? Anyways thank you for taking the time to read this an I hope you come back soon!!"


greetings dear!! and i suppose i should thank you in return for messaging me, i suppose. anything i can do to help! :D but in answer to your question, besides Tumblr, the best useful and easy resource i can think of for would be Hollow Art, since not only does it help find the actors / actresses or models you’re looking for, but also helps with finding WHAT you want in your faceclaim.

update ; it seems hollow is down for right now, so once that gets cleared up, you should do fine!! \(●~▽~●)

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"/ grabby hands ; YOURE BAAAAACK"



isabella--kim whispered:

"Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 10 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them!"


(●´ω`●) oh my frick frank, this is so sweet & thank you dear you are too nice but really i’m the worst. the activity i have on this blog is laughable. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧





Doth my ears deceive me? A fellow, rather feisty sister of mine seems to have missed me! The smith manages playfully up and over the arm wrapped firmly around his neck.


offireandcrafts stands at your alter 


     I seem to be having a family
       reunion before leaving. Tell
       me, brother, what brings you
       to me?

     Well, I had figured that I’d at
      least come to see you last while
      I still had the chance before your
      departure back below. Could not
      allow you to leave without saying
      goodbye, now, could I~…?